Day 69

While his mother and I were gallivanting around town (both with and without each other), Miles got to spend the day with his grandparents and aunts. I’m honestly not sure who enjoyed it more. Personally, I got to attend Free Comic Book Day and go to the Charlotte Symphony in the evening, I so know I made out pretty well.

Kidding aside (not that I was, but still), the one part of raising a child I wish could be a little different is the proximity to extended family members. We’re fortunate to have Jaclyn’s sister in town with us, but the grandparents all live in Myrtle Beach (with more aunts and an uncle), and my brother in Raleigh. And as nice as it is to have a ready and willing babysitter, the bigger piece, the one I really tend to overlook, is that I know all of these family members want a chance to see Miles and spend time with him, too.

I have a sinking feeling there will be more and more trips back to Myrtle Beach in our future.


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