Day 15

Not to be all self-congratulatory, but I’ve found that so far there are very few parts of parenting that I was unprepared for or not anticipating. But there is, beyond a doubt, one aspect I didn’t realize would become so time-consuming…LAUNDRY.


This kid goes through wardrobes like Beyonce on tour. Every hour or so he’s added another piece of clothing, blanket, and probably bed sheets to the laundry pile, whether the result of a diaper stretched beyond its intended capacity or an ill-fated session of “commando time.”


This morning, Miles peed enough to warrant a wardrobe change, then pooped in his bassinet mid-change, was then moved to our bed, where (you guessed it!) he peed on the sheets, and was then finally moved to his changing pad to let everything air out, where he eventually also peed (on the pad, our comforter, AND the floor — he got some serious air that time).


Feeding? Yes, it’s a little time consuming. changing diapers? Eh, it’s generally not too bad. Laundry? Get outta here.

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