Day 13

Today, Jaclyn went out for lunch and a bridal expo with her stepmother and soon-to-be married sister, leaving me at home with Miles for several hours. In addition to looking forward to some quality “guy time” with my newly-minted son, I was also happy to get some otherwise quiet time to read, work out, and write in between feedings (Miles’s feedings, not mine). I felt this way largely because Miles has been extremely chill so far, sleeping much of the day and never ever getting fussy.

So guess how the day turned out? This just-a-growing-boy ate 7 ounces of breast milk and formula, to the point that he actually cleaned us out and I was legitimately worried that Jaclyn wouldn’t make it back in time to provide more of either.

As an aside, Miles peed and pooped extensively today, with his final pee of the day really tipping the scales. It was a “Whosoever lifts this diaper, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” scenario.

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