Year 5, Day 343

Things were going well as we left the house to go get dinner tonight, so of course Jaclyn decided to risk it all by bringing up something that was sure to make Miles anxious and fretful.

“You know, Miles, pretty soon it’ll be time for your five-year check-up.”

“What check-up?” he asked.

“At the doctor,” she elaborated. “You’ll have to go so they can check you when you turn five.”\

“Are they gonna hit a hammer on me?” was the first place Miles’s head went.

“What? No, they aren’t going to hit you with a hammer,” I assured him, chuckling. “Where did you get that? From a show?”

“What show?” Miles asked.

“I’m asking,” I said, trying to circumvent his typical “what _____?” reply, “where did you find out about using a hammer to test reflexes? Was it on a show or something?”

“No,” he replied. “I got it from Is It Cake?” And before you ask, yes, Is It Cake? IS a show and NO, I have no idea what it could possibly have to do with doctor visits and reflex tests.

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