Year 5, Day 341

Miles’s fifth birthday (!) is rapidly approaching, and as you might expect, he already has ideas for presents in mind. And yet, while you’d think his thoughts would be preoccupied with things like cars, action figures, or games, what Miles really wants is a nightstand.

He has made this request to both me and Jaclyn at different times. Having seen my own nightstand, he’s recognized its utility and how he might benefit from such a table himself. It’s a matter or practicality for him; he wants a place for his books and water bottle, not to mention a reading lamp of his own. In the interim, he’s using what he can, but Miles recognizes that his current setup can only achieve so much.

No space for a lamp on that rocking chair, after all.

Don’t worry. When Jaclyn bought the nightstand and said we “didn’t need to get him anything else,” I immediately said, “Whoa. How about leave the fun stuff to me, okay?” I know he’ll be excited about the furniture, but to ONLY get furniture?

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