Year 5, Day 339

We instituted another new reward system for Miles this week, giving him the chance to earn redeemable tokens for good behavior and general compliance. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes that Miles himself had a hand in picking out, so we hoped buy-in would be easier. What I don’t think either of us expected was just how eager Miles would be to earn tokens.

I was just about getting dinner together last night when I realized it had been several minutes since I had seen Miles. After hearing some rumbling from the second floor, I asked, “Hey…where’s Miles?”

Almost on-cue, Miles came downstairs and proudly declared that he was ready for bed. He had — completely by himself — gotten a pull-up and his pajamas on. We later learned that he had also brushed his teeth on his own.* I’m not sure he really heard all the praise we were heaping on him as he walked over to the token bag, but either way he earned it!

* Jaclyn didn’t believe him, but I asked him which toothbrush he had used and checked to find that it was, in fact, wet.

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