Year 5, Day 327

When we moved into our house a couple years ago (how has it already been that long??), I opened some boxes that have been sealed for nearly 20 years, enduring move after move until we found a permanent home. When that happened, Miles immediately seized one item, claiming it as his own with such passion that I didn’t dare stop him — the Powerjet XT-7 from the Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future toy line (circa 1987). A light gun designed as a starfighter that action figures could fit into, it remains one of the coolest toys of my childhood, and I was honestly happy to see Miles was so interested in it. Since then he’s played with it occasionally, and it has enjoyed a permanent spot atop his dresser.

I never suspected that he might one day shove an unlicensed pilot into its cockpit, let alone one of my least favorite modern children’s characters, but finding that accursed Cocomelon as the designated pilot of the XT-7 has made me rethink ever allowing him to have the ship to begin with. Maybe Miles just wasn’t ready for the responsibility that comes with facing Lord Dread and the Bio-Dread Empire.

I REALLY hate Cocomelon.

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