Year 5, Day 283

While we were getting ready for bed tonight (or, as I like to call it, “avoiding brushing his teeth”), Miles decided to quiz me on some music.

“Who sings this?” He started, “Happiness is magic…”

“Hmm,” I said. I knew the song, but couldn’t quite place it. “I’m not sure.”

“You know!” Miles said, as though I was just pulling his leg. “It’s Josh from Blue’s Big City Adventure!”

“Oh, right!”

“And what song is this? BUM-BUM BUH-BUH BUM-BUM…”

“Well I know that one,” I replied. “That’s PJ Masks.”

“You got it!” Miles said encouragingly. “And what about this? BRUMMMMMMMMMMMMM…”

Assuming he was still talking about songs, I said, “I don’t know that one.”

“A motorcycle,” he replied.

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