Year 5, Day 278

Speaking of traditions, here’s an annual December event that millions of people enjoy. Not me, for reasons that will become obvious, but I’m sure everyone else absolutely loves taking the yearly stroll down auditory memory lane that is “Spotify Wrapped.”

There are probably a ton of insights to be found in these retrospectives — confirmation that you WERE one of Taylor’s biggest fans this year, rediscovering a favorite from earlier in the year that you had forgotten about once Harry Styles’s new album dropped, being shocked that you managed to spend THAT much time listening to Migos (RIP Takeoff) — but if you’re anything like me (i.e., parent of a small child), you know that your own musical proclivities are completely overshadowed by your child’s preferred songs.

Case in point:

A few observations though:

  1. I got a couple artists in the top five this year! And yes, I’ll never stop loving REM or The Killers.
  2. With several songs from my own youth taking top slots, I guess I should be thankful this isn’t all dominated by PAW Patrol.
  3. The theme song from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the most abrasive piece of music that’s ever been associated with the shell-heads. And yes, I’m including that Vanilla Ice song.

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