Year 5, Day 269

Growing (and aging) are almost imperceptible when you see someone day after day. At least, that’s what I used to believe. Then Miles was born, and I quickly realized just how measurable human growth is, as well as becoming painfully aware of my own rate of decay (happy birthday to me!).

The point of this entry isn’t to dwell on my rapid descent into midlife, but rather remark about how quickly Miles grows out of his clothes. My big concern this week, given the arrival of cooler temperatures, is Miles’s sock drawer which, while certainly full, consists almost exclusively of extremely low-cut ankle socks at this point (NOTE: I don’t think they were ALWAYS ankle socks).

Well I mentioned this to Jaclyn and, in typical Jaclyn fashion, she overcompensated.

My first thought: “That’s…a lot of socks.” My second thought: “What are ‘Gankles’?”

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