Year 5, Day 255

From an early age, we’ve tried to establish a degree of political awareness in Miles. Political mindfulness and activism are big parts of our lives, and we want Miles to grow up understanding that voting and being aware of the people representing us are every bit as important as PAW Patrol.

Over the weekend, Jaclyn quizzed him a bit about the impending Election Day.

“Why do we vote, Miles?” she asked.

Man, I thought. That’s a question with about a billion answers. What on Earth was Miles going to say to that? What would anyone say to that?

“To pick the people who make the rules,” he replied. Not a bad answer, I thought.

“And what happens after you vote?”

“You get a sticker!” he said. Of course he’d know that part!

“What does the sticker say?”

“Um,” Miles said ponderously. “‘I just made it and I voted’.”

“What?” we asked. chuckling.

“Yeah, it says ‘I made it to the voting place in time and I voted’.”

If my four-year-old knows you need to get to the voting place in time to get that sticker, nobody has any excuse. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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