Year 5, Day 194

Day two of Jaclyn’s work trip to a FAIR FULL OF FRIED FOODS WITHOUT ME, and mercifully I had a babysitter tonight. With Miles having just experienced his first two consecutive days of preschool, and knowing he got to bed pretty late last night, I assumed she’d have as pretty easy night getting him bathed and in bed.

I did not, however, expect just how easy it was. Before his bath tonight, Miles said, “I need to go potty!” Our babysitter put him on the toilet and gave him a moment to go. After a couple minutes, she asked if he was finished.

“Not yet!” he replied. “It’s still coming.”

She gave him another couple minutes, then reentered the bathroom. Miles was ASLEEP ON THE POTTY. Man, do I hope THIS is the evening trend moving forward!

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