Year 5, Day 162

With Jaclyn out of town this weekend, I wanted to make sure Miles and I had some fun activities lined up. First up, Miles’s long-awaited second trip to the movie theater.

He’s already so good at watching movies that he can’t even be bothered to look away from the screen long enough to take a picture.

Since late June, we’ve been looking for a chance to go see Lightyear (something Miles has asked about virtually every weekend since it was released). Now that it’s dropped on Disney+ (and was subsequently our Family Movie Night pick this week), I instead suggested a different movie. Although hesitant at first (he still wanted to see Lightyear even after watching the movie last night), Miles agreed to see League of Super-Pets this morning. I think he was happy with the choice!

This evening, I fulfilled my vow to get Miles to a Charlotte FC game this year. As with the Panthers game he attended back in December, Miles’s primary interest was not in the game itself, but in the snack foods he’d be eating.

And you can’t even see the popcorn in this picture.

It certainly made for a long, exciting day, and Miles was showing the wear and tear by the beginning of the second half. Fortunately, I was with friends who managed to indulge his behavior, both mischievous and otherwise.

Let’s get a closer look there…

If you think he looks unhappy here, you should’ve seen him when we got home and I told him he had to take a bath.

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