Year 5, Day 128

Somehow, Miles became obsessed with the idea of going to a water park this weekend. But, with impending tropical depression weather and absolutely no desire to dash out the door each day, it was left largely up to me to talk him off this ledge and focus his attention instead on a trip to the beach.

While this wasn’t Miles’s first trip to the beach, it was certainly the highest degree of enthusiasm he’s ever had for it. Well, once he got past the fact that the “sand was hot,” anyway.


Once he put his foot in the water, however, it was game-on. Miles raced back and forth, into the water and away from it, as he got increasingly comfortable in the ocean.

He was also fascinated by the shells lining the beach, combing the debris for ones he deemed worthy of keeping and asking, each time he picked one up, “Is this a shell?”

And while you’d think this trip would’ve worn him all the way down, he still had energy for fireworks this evening. My parents’ neighbor is also a former firefighter, so Miles also got to supervise the safety of the epic fireworks spectacular.

As you can see, we’re in good hands.

Miles’s review of the fireworks? They’d be better if they weren’t so loud.

Got a real “pot/kettle” situation with that one.

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