Year 5, Day 109

Today, after enduring three days of escalating hell-like temperatures, our AC was finally serviced. The house was still cooling back down when I left to pick up Miles from daycare, but I still enthusiastically relayed the news once we were in the car.

“Buddy, I’ve got good news,” I started. “The air conditioner is working again!”

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Miles wailed, much to my surprise. “I don’t want it to work! Turn it off again!”

“Miles,” I said, “there is no way I’m turning it back off.” He was crying now. “What’s the matter?” I said, trying my best not to laugh. “Why do you want the air conditioning to stay off?”

“BECAUSE!” he cried. “I want us to sleep downstairs again!!!”

We had been sleeping downstairs, where it was comparatively “cooler,” since Saturday, but beyond the mere novelty I had a sneaking suspicion that I knew the real reason Miles was upset.

“Why?” I asked. “Is it because there’s a TV in the living room?”

After a mighty sniffle, he whined, “YEAHHHH!”

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