Year 5, Day 95

After I touched down in Charlotte last night, I quickly saw a text from Jaclyn letting me know they had parked in the arrivals area. While some part of my very, VERY tired brain registered that she was likely talking about the parking deck, I was still unprepared when I was suddenly tackled at the legs while looking for the baggage return. Miles had wasted no time darting over!

Yes, I was exhausted after not just a day of travel but an entire weekend of very little sleep, but it was still immediately delightful to see how excited Miles was to have me back.

And yet, whatever enthusiasm he had for me simply being back home was immediately eclipsed upon the revelation that the suitcase we were waiting on had presents in it for him. He didn’t even want to wait until we got home for them, believing that the entire suitcase was filled only with presents (despite my best efforts to explain that it was mostly full of horribly stinky clothing). Once we were home though, he dug in quickly. And his favorite present actually had nothing to do with Star Wars!

There was a reason I had kept the Mickey ears secret!

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