Year 5, Day 79

An update on Miles’s sticker chart: it’s been working well so far! In fact, this was the first week since he started that Miles was able to earn all of his stickers, which meant that he finally earned the ultimate reward of eternal life ice cream. It’s also the first time he’s reached the second reward tier: donuts! So yes, Miles had a sweet, sweet Sunday.

Gazing upon the fruits (carbs?) of his labors.

As for the ice cream, today was opening day for the pool in our neighborhood, and the HOA brought out an ice cream truck to celebrate. You’d think that the pool would be exciting enough for Miles, but when we arrived and were told that the ice cream truck wasn’t there yet, Miles refused to do ANYTHING until he got his ice cream. He did not once step foot in the water.

He sat like this for AN HOUR.

Fortunately, just as we were about to head home, the truck showed!

Miles was able to get his treasured ice cream after all (in this case, an ice cream bar vaguely resembling Sonic the Hedgehog).

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