Year 5, Day 69

With the exception of the brief time I spent with him as he fell asleep last night, I haven’t gotten to see much of Miles the last couple days. Normally, Thursday nights are a time for us to rectify this and hang out a bit. But, as any movie fan with a pulse knows, tonight is the night a new MCU movie is premiering (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), and as long-time readers of this blog know, that means Dad and Mom are going to the movies.

By the time Miles arrived home from swim class, we had an extremely tight window to get right back out the door for the movie. Miles was…unprepared for this.

I’ve never seen him as clingy (and, personally, felt as bad about leaving) as I did this evening. I virtually had to pry him off my leg, and even the promise that I’d come in and snuggle with him when I got home wasn’t enough to calm him. He wailed right up until we walked out the door and shut the car doors.

“Don’t worry,” the babysitter said, “he’ll settle down as soon as you leave.”

This is normally true, but tonight was possibly the first time we’ve ever gotten a call once we were in the theater. Miles was still inconsolable and was refusing to take a bath.

“I just want to go to bed,” he pleaded.

Worth noting, he missed his nap at daycare today. Still, I was both proud of him for advocating for himself and completely sympathetic to the fact that sometimes you just need to stop dealing with the world and go to sleep.

Full disclosure: I’m glad we didn’t have to leave the movie. Not just because it was RAD, but because sometimes Mommy and Daddy need a minute too!

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