Year 5, Day 57

In the increasingly common conversations about additional children that Jaclyn and I seem to be having, Miles has decided to start throwing his own opinions on the matter around. This week in particular he’s gotten very interested in, somehow, someway, getting another baby cooking in Jaclyn’s belly. Once he found out she “still has eggs” inside her, he seemed to wonder what the holdup could possibly be.

Knowing how invested he is in the idea, I asked some follow-up questions.

“Miles, do you want a brother or a sister?”

“A sister!” he said without hesitation.

“Why do you want a sister?”

“So if she tries to eat my toys,” he said, “I can jump into her mouth and get them back.”

Surely, I thought, this couldn’t be the reason he wants a sister. But I checked with him again and, in all sincerity, he confirmed.

At least we now have our best argument against having a second child!

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