Year 5, Day 50

After yesterday’s visit with the Easter Bunny proved unfruitful, there was no time to waste today in getting holiday festivities started.

…except that storms early in the morning quashed plans for an egg hunt at a local rec center. Fortunately, they still had a pool, so the kids were happy!

For better or worse, I wasn’t present for that trip, but I did join in on the “egg hunt alternative” we ultimately decided on — a trip to the Augusta Museum of History that used the pretense of an Easter egg hunt to teach children (and, frankly, the adults) about the history of Augusta, GA — from commerce to education to James Brown.

Miles spots another egg…and a fun fact!

Later, back at Audrey’s house, I watched in horror as Miles and his friend engaged in some ceremonial egg coloring (and also hand coloring).

Hulking out hands first.

Oh, and those pictures with the Easter Bunny? They finally happened today too!

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