Year 5, Day 47

Before we left this morning, I took a moment to show Miles his sticker chart and explain how it works. Now, I’ve seen his eyes light up before — Christmas morning, for example — but holy COW was he excited about this. You’d think he’d been waiting his whole life for a sticker chart.

Granted, we haven’t started using it yet, and once he figures out that he can simply NOT earn some stickers, he might change his tune a little. Sure enough, as we were driving to daycare, he asked a few questions that suggested that his impression is that he simply needs to find stickers to fill it up rather than earn those stickers. Should be a fun lesson!

“Daddy?” he asked. “What about stickers I get from the doctor or the dentist?”

“Well those are separate,” I said. “Those won’t go on your sticker chart.”

“Well I can put them on there,” he reasoned.

I shook my head. “Not how it works, kiddo.” I did, however, let him know that enduring a trip to the dentist or the doctor might be worth a reward of its own.

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