Year 5, Day 36

I took Miles out for lunch after German school this morning. He requested “tater tots and a hot dog,” so we went to JJ’s Red Hots. By the time we were there, Miles agreed only to “tater tots.” And once he realized they had ice cream bars and popsicles there, his interest in even tots began to wane.

“You can get ice cream,” I said. “But you have to eat your tater tots first.”

“How about I eat only three tater tots?” Miles asked, holding the corresponding number of fingers up.

“I don’t think that’s enough,” I replied. Then, turning to three girls between the ages of four and seven hovering near our table, I asked, “What do you think? Do you think he should get ice cream if he only eats three tater tots?”

“NO!” they all replied in unison.

I shrugged at Miles. “Looks like you’re going to have to eat more.”

The number we agreed on was ten.

The crazed eyes of a child who has just earned a Spongebob popsicle.

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