Year 5, Day 28: Name That Song 4!

While Miles was taking his bath last night, he started belting out a song that…sort of sounds familiar while also managing to sound completely unfamiliar. It sort of exists in that liminal space between comfort and insanity. Anyway, here it is:

He added that it was “your song you like” (as in a song I like). The only two songs it reminded me of were Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (which I did play in the car with him recently, and I could see “Welcome to your life” translating to “I don’t like the light” for a four-year-old) and “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell, Go West, etc (which I don’t believe he’s ever heard, but Miles’s “Da-da-da-da-DAH” kind of sounds like). He denied that he was singing either of these.

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