Year 5, Day 15

Miles was a little dismayed to learn that we weren’t going directly home after German school today, but once I explained what we were doing instead he was much more amenable.

“We’ve got an appointment,” I said.

“At the doctor?” he groaned.

“No,” I clarified. “Actually, we have an appointment to get you a passport.”

Miles pondered this for a moment, then followed up with the obvious, “What’s a passport?

“Well, it’s a document that lets you leave the country,” I said. “Like, right now, we’re in the United States. But with a passport, you can leave the United States.”

I could almost hear his brain explode from the front seat of the car. The wheels started turning immediately.

“Then I need to get a rocket,” he said.

“What do you need a rocket for?” I asked.

“Because after I get my passport I want to go to Mars,” he replied. “Because red is my favorite color.”

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