Year 5, Day 10

While spelling his name with foam letters in the bathtub tonight, Miles found the M and the I, but needed a little help spotting the next letter. After some minimal guidance (which — great news — Miles knows the difference between his right and his left), he plucked the L out of the water.

“Hey,” he said, sounding a little distraught. “This isn’t the L.”

“Sure it is,” I said.

“That’s an L,” Jaclyn agreed.

“No,” Miles persisted. “This is a 1.” He flipped the L over and, yes, it looked like a 1.

“I see what you mean,” I said. “But no, that’s an L. See?” I flipped it back around.

Miles continued. “But no it’s not. L goes like this.” He raised his index finger, holding it straight.

“Oh!” we exclaimed. “You’re talking about a lowercase L! This is an uppercase L.”

Miles wasn’t having any of it. “Well I need a LOWERCASE L!”

My kid, the letter snob.

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