Year 5, Day 7

Most mornings, Jaclyn will make a protein shake for me to grab as I rush out the door. I might take a quick gulp of it to down medicine or a vitamin, but other than that it comes with me and doesn’t get consumed until I’ve dropped Miles off at daycare (i.e., when I’m sure he won’t notice it and demand to have some of it).

This morning I came downstairs to find this:

“I’m drinking chocolate milk!” Miles stopped sipping long enough to tell me.

“Oh, haha, of course you are,” I replied hastily, taking the bottle from him so I could take my meds. After all, I didn’t want him drinking my entire breakfast.

As I took a drink, he became incensed. “HEY!” he shouted. “That’s MY drink!!”

“Now Miles,” I said sternly, “we do this every morning. You KNOW this is mine.” What is it with four-year-olds thinking EVERYTHING is theirs, right?

“No, it’s MINE!” he was legitimately getting angry now.

“No, it isn’t,” I stated.

At this point, Jaclyn settled the argument. “It’s his. I made it for him.”


Well Miles looked awfully smug about this one. I relinquished my grip on the bottle and admitted defeat. “I’m sorry, buddy!” I apologized. “I didn’t know!”

I guess I’m the one who learned the lesson this time!

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