Year 4, Day 348

“I want to listen to Puppy Dog Pals music,” Miles requested as I strapped him into his car seat this morning.

I was happy to comply, and Miles nodded gleefully in time with the music as we rode along I-77. Eventually, this song came on (it is, perhaps unsurprisingly, titled “I Love Dirt”):

[Chorus] Dirt, I love dirt
It's my favorite thing about planet Earth

[Verse 1] Getting muddy with my buddies
That's even better than a kibble dessert
Listen to me while I assert
(That means tell ya) that

[Chorus] "Dirt, I love dirt"
Yes, I love the planet Earth (Why's that?)

[Verse 2] 'Cause lots of it is covered in dirt
Plus this beautiful, bright sunny sky
That's why I always like to play outside
It's the best planet in the universe
Talkin' 'bout Earth, planet Earth

[Outro] Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
Yeah, dirt, I love dirt
Dirt, ruff

“That song is about dirt,” Miles clarified when the song ended.

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