Year 4, Day 317

“I need to go potty,” Miles announced this evening, prompting me to pause the episode of Paw Patrol he was watching and escort him to the bathroom.

I’ve always found time spent in the bathroom to be some of the best “thinking time” I can get, given the solitude and white noise of the fan. Miles appears to be no different. As he sat silently on the toilet, following his thoughts wherever they might lead, he asked a question.

“Do Mayor Humdinger has a penis?” he asked, speaking of the dastardly nemesis of the Paw Patrol.

I replied like any parent would when asked such a question about a cartoon character. “Uhh…”

Miles was quick to share his own conclusion. “I think he don’t has a penis.”

For reference, this is Mayor Humdinger:

I mean, I THINK Miles is right…?

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