Year 4, Day 306

Last night as I was cleaning up after dinner, Miles, knowing that bedtime was fast approaching, said, “Hey, Daddy! We forgot to build the Legos!”

He wasn’t entirely wrong. I had promised him the previous night that we’d build his first actual Lego (non-Duplo) set the next day, but we simply hadn’t gotten around to it. Fortunately, the set in question was the Ducktales BrickHeadz four-pack, and it seemed like we could reach a compromise. “If you go upstairs and get ready for bed, we can build one of the guys.”

“I want to build the blue one!” Miles exclaimed obviously. I told him the duck’s name was “Dewey” and that yes, we could build that one.

Future Master Builder

Looking at the directions together, Miles hunted for pieces while I assembled them. It was a project that took just long enough that it didn’t cut into bedtime. Still, when Dewey was completed, Miles asked if we could build another. I told him we could save the next one for tomorrow.

“Well,” he posited, “we could build something else…”

Intrigued by his proposal, I asked for more information. “Like what?”

“Well,” he said ponderously, looking at the remaining pieces on the table. “We could build a flower.”

And so, with Miles’s supervision and input, that’s what we did.

I was pretty impressed that Miles was able to see the potential for other creations in his pile of blocks. By this time next year, he’ll probably be submitting a PJ Masks creation to Lego Ideas!

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