Year 4, Day 262

It’s a weekend for road trips for us, and today we headed to Asheboro for a long-delayed trip to the North Carolina Zoo. Meeting our friends Amy and Chris with their kids (and Miles’s buddies), we set off on a day of walking. LOTS of walking.

The zoo is split into a “North America” section and an “Africa” section, and while we started in North America, Miles was of a singular mind all day — essentially, “If it ain’t a giraffe, I ain’t here for it.” He whizzed past puffins and polar bears, made a brief pause at the gorillas (they were sitting really close to the glass), and did spend a fair amount of time on a playground while we waited for lunch.

Following lunch, we decided Miles had waited long enough and hopped on a tram to the Africa portion of the zoo. Before long, Miles was face to face with his destiny.

In this case, a giraffe.

While awestruck by the animals, he quickly found his attention drawn to something less mobile. Given the option between seeing an actual rhinoceros and sitting on a statue of a rhinoceros, Miles made what, to him, was an obvious choice.

I mean, he was able to sit on its butt, after all.

As we all headed for the exit after a fun, exhausting day, Miles reached out and seized Duke’s hand as they walked.

I ended the weekend happy that we aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but glad we opted for the annual pass to the zoo. It won’t happen this month, but we’ll definitely be back!

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