Year 4, Day 253

After a rough night in which Miles was up off and on hour after hour, with Jaclyn and I taking turns running interference, none of us wanted to get up when our alarms clocks started sounding far too early in the morning. Sadly, I was left with no choice, but Jaclyn turned away from Miles, who was still fast asleep next to her, and groggily grumbled, “I can take him to daycare this morning,” giving at least the two of them a little more time to rest.

However, by the time I stepped out of the bathroom post-shower, Miles was wide awake.

“I got all my rest!” he merrily declared.

Unbelievable. “Can you stay in bed with mommy for just a little bit longer?” I pleaded, knowing Jaclyn was still exhausted.

“No,” he said, like I was a fool to suggest such a thing, “because I GOT all my rest.”

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