Year 4, Day 206

With Jaclyn and I out of town for the wedding, Miles was left with his Aunt Andrea and Uncle Scott last night. Given his…nightly tendencies of late, not to mention his general noncompliance, I was prepared to hear that the evening had been taxing and that sleep had not come easily. Perhaps it helped that they stayed at our place rather than taking Miles to theirs, but regardless of the reason I was truly relieved to arrive home today and hear Scott say, “It went great.”

Miles played hard Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, perfecting his baseball swing (which of course Scott was going to help with) and taking their dog for a walk. He petered out during a movie and went to bed with no protest whatsoever. And the night — which I was most concerned about — passed free of screams and banging.

As soon as I stepped in the door, Miles dashed over and threw his arms around me. I was always going to hug him back, but it was extra nice being able to say, “I’m so proud of you, buddy!” and mean it!

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