Year 4, Day 189

When I was a child, one of the first magazines I held a monthly subscription to was Ranger Rick*. Unsurprising, considering that wildlife remains my father’s life’s passion, second only to making socially inappropriate comments in mixed company**.

Well my dad has wasted no time in getting Miles on the bandwagon, recently subscribing to Ranger Rick Jr. on his behalf. First of all, Miles loves getting mail.

He’s so excited I can’t even get a good photo.

He also loves the content. We read almost the entire issue at bedtime, and he’s learning about creatures he’s never even dreamed of before.

I kept this picture large so you can see just what he’s so tickled by on that page.

* I also held subscriptions to the He-Man Magazine, the Thundercats Magazine, and Nintendo Power, just so you know where my own priorities were.


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