Year 4, Day 117

A couple weeks ago, when I was trying to explain that I had just bought movie tickets for only the second time in over a year, I found myself trying to explain what a “movie theater” is to Miles. Of course he immediately wanted to go (anything to avoid school), but I explained that he wasn’t quite ready for it yet, describing the darkness, volume, etc (not the concession stand) as possible deterrents, while promising that yes, we would go to a movie together one day.

Today, Miles declared, “I went to a movie theater. And I saw a movie.”

“What movie did you see?”

“It was Activate Spider-Man.”

“The movie was called Activate Spider-Man?” I asked. “I have to admit, I’m not familiar with that one. And I’ve seen a lot of Spider-Man movies.”

“Yeah it was Activate Spider-Man.”

“Well how was the movie?”

“The movie theater was very dark and very loud,” he said, recalling what I had told him about the moviegoing experience a couple weeks prior.

“Did mommy go with you?”

“No!” he stated, quickly and emphatically, as though the very idea was outrageous. “Mommy not allowed to come!”

“Did you go alone?”


Man. I can’t believe I missed it.

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