Year 4, Day 111

In the interest of having something for breakfast this morning, I snagged a banana on my way to the door. This was, as you might expect, a big mistake, since Miles never wants anything more than something YOU have that HE does not. Within seconds, Miles was reduced to a limp mass of toddler on the floor, sobbing about how that was his banana and he wanted one. Fortunately there was still one banana back in the basket and, although it took a couple minutes to restore his composure, Miles eventually took the banana and we were allowed to leave for our morning commute.

Once Miles was securely buckled into his seat, I offered to peel his banana for him. He calmly declined.

“No, I want to keep the banana in the car, then eat it after school,” he said. “At home.”

“So,” I grumbled, rubbing my forehead, “we DIDN’T need to bring the banana. Perfect.”

Nothing better than several minutes of wasted time first thing in the morning!

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