Year 4, Day 62

Miles was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to walking. As hard as it is to believe now, he was well over a year old before he started taking his first, nervous steps. While he’ll walk — nay, RUN — with the best of them now, one physical, leg-based activity still eludes him. He just cannot jump. He tries. A LOT. Typically though, his jumping ends up looking more like galloping or skipping.

But then came this morning, when the parking lot at daycare was crowded enough that we had to park in the street and walk to the building. Miles seized my hand as we walked, but the additional ground we had to cover gave him all the excuse he needed to demonstrate his burgeoning jumping skills. Naturally, he didn’t tell me he was going to start doing this, so it wasn’t until my arm was violently tugged down that I realized he was starting his impromptu fitness test. But you know what? He actually DID get both feet off the ground a couple times.

“Wow, Miles!” I said. “You’re actually starting to get good a jumping!”

“Yeah!” he said. “I like jumping!”

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