Year 4, Day 51

As noted in previous entries, it’s not been easy to train Miles to conform to expectations regarding dinnertime or even eating in general. He seldom has the patience to sit with us and frequently demands things other than the food provided to him (even when that food is the exact thing he requested minutes earlier).

With that in mind, it’s unfortunate that I have to report that I find Miles’s latest catchphrase absolutely delightful. We ordered out tonight and got Miles some macaroni and cheese (which of course he asked for). A few bites in, his face soured. “PTTHHHT! PTTHHHT!” he spat through his lips. “It’s not very good!”

Now, OBVIOUSLY it WAS very good, because Miles had already eaten several bites. And OBVIOUSLY this is just his latest excuse to stop eating and get up from the table. But the very idea that this small human has developed the critical acumen to feel comfortable declaring that a particular food isn’t cutting the mustard is something I have to laugh at.

And yes, the fact that I laugh about it doesn’t make it ANY easier to get him back to the dinner table.

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