Year 4, Day 46

As a part-time trivia host, I tend to delight in asking questions of people about minutiae. Lately, I’ve found that the apple has not fallen far from the tree in this respect.

As he’s learned more and more, whether at daycare or while watching TV, Miles has started to demonstrate a love for trivia of his own. He’ll toss questions out, typically during our morning commute, to see if I can either 1) demonstrate my own knowledge or 2) figure out what the hell he’s even talking about (sometimes it’s both).

“Daddy!” he’ll call. “Who says this?” He’ll then make a sound (“NOM-NOM-NOM!” for instance), and I’ll have to identify the correct person or character (my “guesses” for this one would include “Mommy” and “Cookie Monster”).

Other times he’ll ask questions with the intent of reminding himself of a fact he almost learned the day before, like asking me, “What planet is red?” in the hopes I’ll know and be able to remind him.

Regardless of his motivation, Miles’s Trivia Quiz is a game I’ll always gladly play.

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