Year 4, Day 41

Tonight during dinner Miles proclaimed, “It’s potty time!” As Jaclyn jumped up to assist him, he said, “No! I can do all myself!”

He darted over to the bathroom. Although Jaclyn had returned to her seat, I still suggested we should assist. Jaclyn stopped me and said, “No, let him go. He’ll ask for help when he needs it.”

We heard him flick the light switch in the bathroom, followed soon after by the inevitable, “I need help!” (he couldn’t actually get on the potty seat by himself). Once he was seated though, Jaclyn reemerged and returned to the dinner table.

“He’s just in there alone?” I asked.

“He wants to do it himself.”

Moments later, we heard the toilet flush. “I done!” Miles called. He had conducted his business, gotten off the toilet, flushed, and pulled his pants up all by himself. He had also, by his own admission, “used a lot of toilet paper,” which we discovered was NOT an exaggeration. But truthfully, I didn’t even care about the toilet paper at that point. The kid had almost gone potty all by himself!

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