Year 4, Day 36

Our new house has a staircase. It’s the first time I’ve lived in a multi-story house and, I have to admit, I like it. I love my family but I also think it’s nice, for all parties, to get a little space once in a while.

BUT there is one catch — one cannot simply traverse the stairs at his or her leisure. No, there is an arbiter of the staircase in this home, and I’ll give you two guesses who it is.

You likely only need one.

Yes, if you happen to be trying to ascend or descend at the same time Miles is, you are subject to his ultimate discretion.

“No, it’s not your turn!” he’ll yell from a spot halfway up or down the stairs if he turns to find you behind him. He will not turn away until you have backed off the staircase completely.

While this may sound cruel and abrasive, he can also be cordial about things. Once he reaches his destination at either end of the stairs, he’ll turn to you and say, “Okay, it’s your turn!” then actually wait for you to join him. At least our overlord is not without moments of benevolence!

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