Year 4, Day 28

I took today off of work for two reasons: 1) we’ve got our “big move” into the new house this weekend and I needed to prep for that as much as possible but 2) only if my second shot of COVID vaccine didn’t put me on my ass. With the day off, I’d at least be prepared whichever way fate fell.

When Jaclyn told Miles he wouldn’t be making my lunch for the day, he naturally asked for an explanation. Jaclyn said I took the day off because I needed to go to the doctor and get a shot. He immediately stepped into the bathroom, where I was brushing my teeth, to confirm this with me.

“Daddy!” he called. “You get a shot? And it make you big and strong?”

“That’s right, buddy!” I replied. “I have to get a shot today.”

“OHHH,” he said. “I got a shot too,” he said, recalling a past visit to the pediatrician. “To make me big and strong!”

It’s always nice when we can help Miles recognize that the less savory parts of life are usually things everyone, even mommies and daddies, go through!

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