Year 4, Day 17

As usual, Miles requested a story at bedtime tonight. I decided to make this one interactive.

“Once upon a time, long long ago,” I started, “Miles found a magic lamp. And he rubbed the lamp and out popped…”

“A genie!” Miles exclaimed.

“That’s right! A genie!”

“Yeah! And the genie was Daddy!”

“Uh…sure, okay. So the genie came out and said, ‘I am the genie of the lamp, and I am here to grant you three wishes! What is your first wish?'”

“Uhmmmm…I wish for…flowers!”

“‘Your wish is my command! Alakazam!’ And suddenly flowers appeared everywhere! Then the genie said, ‘What is your second wish?'”

“I wish forrrr…a drum!”

“‘Your wish is my command!’ And the genie made a huge drum set appear, like the one Neal Peart had. ‘And what is your third wish?'”


“Keep in mind that the genie is Daddy and you COULD use your last wish to FREE him…”

“I wish for…peanuts!”

“‘SIGH…your wish is my command.’ And suddenly there were peanuts everywhere.”

Miles, sitting in bed, started pretending to eat peanuts. “I only have three left! CHOMP! Now I only have two left! CHOMP! Now I only have one left! CHOMP!”

“Now all the peanuts are gone! What will you do?”

“I’ll eat the drums! CHOMP! And now I’ll eat the flowers! CHOMP!” His options at last exhausted, Miles said, “I need more wishes now.”

“Ah,” I said, happy with the teachable moment I had stumbled into, “that’s the problem with wishes. No matter what you wish for, it’s never enough.”

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