Year 3, Day 359

Miles is very protective (or whiny, depending on your perspective) of certain things, one of which is music. If he has deemed something “his song” and you start singing it, you’d best be ready for a swift and decisive (and shrill and, yes, whiny) verbal assault.

“No!” Miles will scream. “That’s MY song! Don’t do that!”

As we were in the car together, Miles started singing the theme song from PJ Masks (a show I will probably be writing more about in the future). He was leaving a few lyrics out here and there, and I thought I’d…help?

Yeah, it was a mistake.

“No, Daddy!” he howled, punctuating his words with shrieks. “That’s MY song!”

“But I like that song too!” I said, attempting to appeal to reason.

“Nono,” Miles said. “You don’t like that song! I like that song!”

“Can’t we both like the same song?” I asked.

“No!” Miles again stated. “I like that one!”

“Okay,” I shrugged. “So what song do I like?”

“You like Jeopardy!” he answered quickly.

“Well, you’re right,” I conceded. “So that’s my song?”

“Yeah,” he replied, calming down. Then, after a moment, an admission. “I like Jeopardy! too.”

Despite this clear contradiction of Miles’s entire argument, I decided to pursue another line of questioning. “So…what mommy like?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Mommy like boogers on her head!” he replied, laughing hard at his own joke.

And with that, we found our middle ground.

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