Year 3, Day 322

Like so many parts of his vocabulary and phrasing, I’m not quite sure where Miles picked this up, but he frequently prefaces sentences with, “I say…” He doesn’t do this in that British way, suggesting that he’s taken offense at something (i.e., “Well! I SAY!”), but rather in a manner that lets us know that the next words we hear will, in fact, come from his mouth.

Some examples:

“I say where Mickey go?” while looking for his stuffed doll

“I say you get it right, Daddy!” after “correcting” me on the name of a Star Wars character

“I say what’s that?” upon finding an Amazon package on the porch

“I say get me juice.” This one should be obvious.

For the time being, I’ve given up trying to correct him. I assume he’ll figure out it’s unnecessary eventually. Or, you know, he’ll end up sounding like a pretentious fop.*

* There are those who might decide he inherited the trait from one of his parents.

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