Year 3, Day 311

Last night, Jaclyn issued the following proposal: “I’m going to bring Miles into our bed tomorrow morning and he can just watch TV while we lay around.”

“Sounds great,” I said.

It should come as no surprise that, while Miles was brought to our bed upon waking up this morning, he did not do so quietly. After his requests to once again watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse were denied (why, oh why were they denied???) and Miles became less than enthused about the alternatives presented to him, we were treated to laughing, poking, clambering, kicking…basically anything that guaranteed that not only would Jaclyn and I be waking up, we couldn’t even relax.

And still, despite this rude awakening, I can’t escape the feeling of thankfulness I have that these two absolutely insane humans are my family. I don’t know what 2021 has in store for us (in fact, I sort of don’t even want to think about it), but I’ll happily face life’s triumphs and challenges as long as they’re with me.

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