Year 3, Day 278

We headed back home this morning after a restful Thanksgiving in Lake Lure.

And after Miles got a little more bonding time with Pickles.

Miles was not happy about the prospect of leaving. As we were getting packed up, he asked, “We goin’ on an adventure?”

“We are going on an adventure!” I confirmed, foolishly adding, “Back to Miles’s house!”

“No, nonono,” Miles stammered. “Don’t wanna go back to Miles’s house. That’s not an adventure.”

Once we got him outside, he started off down the driveway, away from the car. “Miles!” we called after him, “Come on back! We have to get in the car!”

“No!” he shouted back. “I’m goin’ on an adventure! You stay THERE!”

Only under much duress (and possibly the promise of hopefully spotting some animals on the way home) were we finally able to convince Miles to come back with us.

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