Year 3, Day 272

When he was a bit younger, we would always play some ambient sound for Miles as he went to sleep. Ocean sounds, rainforest sounds…anything that would help him mellow out. He hasn’t really wanted this in a while, but I still ask most nights just in case he might change his mind. Tonight, he actually did want some sounds to fall asleep to.

“I want to listen to pigs.”

“Pigs?” I asked. “Like…pig sounds?”


And so I put on some pig sounds for the weirdo. “This?” I asked after the sounds of countless hogs started up and played for a few seconds.

“Yeah,” Miles said, grinning.

When I rejoined Jaclyn in the living room, she could hear the cacophony of shrill squeals coming from Miles’s monitor in our bedroom. “What is that?” she asked. “It sounds terrible.”

“Yeah,” I said, shrugging, “it’s pig noises.”

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