Year 3, Day 256

We started today off with a hike up to Chimney Rock, and Miles woke up absolutely ready for it (despite robbing us of a good night’s sleep).

While the ascent up the mountain is made easier with staircases, it still manages to be a pretty rigorous hike. I thought Miles might get tired out and start asking to be carried to the summit, but he once again displayed a degree of energy I wish I could somehow siphon from him for my own benefit.

Miles stood tall atop Chimney Rock. “MY mountain,” he declared. “MY flag.”

Sure, kid. Today, it’s your flag.

After all that walking, Miles needed a recharge. So after a nap, we walked around town until Miles found the perfect spot.

Surprise! It was an ice cream shop.
And Miles was going to make sure he got every last drop of it.

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