Year 3, Day 245

My buddy Jeff returned from Galaxy’s Edge recently bearing gifts, among them a new plush doll of The Child from The Mandalorian. It’s already earned a spot on Miles’s bed.

This morning, Miles was carrying The Child with him as he walked to the kitchen trying to convince Jaclyn to give him a scoop of the peanut butter she was putting in my protein shake.

“I want peanut butter, Mommy,” Miles said.

“What about Baby Yoda?” I countered. “Do you know what he likes to eat?”

“Huh,” Miles replied.

“Baby Yoda likes chicken nuggies!” I said.

Miles became immediately obstinate. “No Baby Yoda eats CEREAL,” he sternly corrected.

He was thinking of this:

The Baby Yoda cereal we bought and snacked on during our trip to the mountains last month.

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