Year 3, Day 228

Miles was a bit cranky this evening, which led to a lengthy period of stubbornness and noncompliance with even the most basic of commands. So I decided to try masquerading as someone he does respect, retreating to the bathroom and giving Jaclyn’s phone a call.

“Miles!” Jaclyn exclaimed to him. “The Easter Bunny is on the phone!”

I put on a voice somewhere between Bugs Bunny and Moe Syzslak and had a ten minute conversation with him. I asked Miles how he was doing (“Yeah.”), what I could do for him (“Hide more eggs in the backyard.”), and if there was anything else he wanted (“Chocolate.”), but of course I also explained that I had needs as well (“Carrots and for him to listen to his parents.”). Miles agreed and said he’d give his mother and me a big hug after the call was over. If he knew it was me, he never let on.

Of course, he talked about the Easter Bunny hiding more eggs in the yard all night (I said I was sure he’d do it once it stopped raining), so that’s something I’ll have to remember!

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